Chemical processing

This selection of references proves our experience in the chemical processing sector.

Here you can find a cross section through our parent companies' references, showing decades of experience in the realization of industrial projects.

Start of ProductionCountryProductCapacity
1984*TrinidadMethanol1,380 MTPD/ 483,000 MTPY
1994*TrinidadMethanol1,500 MTPD/ 550,000 MTPY
1996*TrinidadMethanol1,650 MTPD/ 550,000 MTPY
1998*TrinidadMethanol1,650 MTPD/ 550,000 MTPY
2000**MalaysiaSynthesis gas126,600 Nm3/hr
2001**ThailandSynthesis gas2,800 Nm3/hr
2002*TrinidadAmmonia1,850 MTPD/ 640,000 MTPY
2002*ChileDiisopropyl ether 178,000 MTPD/ 54,000,000 MTPY
2004*TrinidadAmmonia1,850 MTPD/ 640,000 MTPY
2005*TrinidadMethanol5,400 MTPD/ 1,890,000 MTPY
2007*OmanMethanol3,000 MTPD/ 1,000,000 MTPY
2008**Saudi ArabiaFormaldehyde400 MTPD
2009**Saudi ArabiaMethanol5,000 MTPD
2009**South AfricaSNG345 MTPD
2010*TrinidadUAN4,300 MTPD/ 1,500,000 MTPY
2010*TrinidadMelamine2 x 90 MTPD/ 60,000 MTPY
2012*VenezuelaAmmonia1,800 MTPD/ 600,000 MTPY
2012**ChinaSNG2 x 1,000 MTPD
2013**AlgeriaAmmonia2 x 2,200 MTPD
2014*VenezuelaUrea2,200 MTPD/ 726,000 MTPY
2014**South KoreaHydrogen50,000 Nm3/hr
2015**USASynthesis gas3,700 MTPD
2015**IndonesiaFormaldehyde34 MTPD
2015**VietnamFormaldehyde76 MTPD
2016**ChinaSNG78,700 Nm3/h
2016**KuwaitHydrogen3 x 206,900 Nm3/hr
2017**SlovakiaAmmonia1,600 MTPD
2017**ChinaHydrogen120,000 Nm3/hr
2017**RussiaMethanol1,350 MTPD
2018**NigeriaMethanol5,030 MTPD
2018**RussiaMethanol5,000 MTPD
2019**TurkmenistanTIGAS15,500 BBL
* Ferrostaal                               ** Haldor Topsoe