Financial Solutions

Project finance and investments for industrial projects

Through the provision of project-specific financial solutions, we contribute to the sustainable success of our customers' undertakings. We are specialized on structuring and providing trade finance, export finance and project finance solutions for investments around the globe.

During the financing phase we develop a tailor-made, efficient and transparent financing strategy with financial models for the short-, medium- and long terms. Those financial solutions can include packages such as project and structured financing, export financing/ buyer's credits as well as trade finance. In some cases Ferrostaal Topsoe Projects also participates with equity.

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In projects we always seek a well-balanced cooperation between the customer, the supply chain and the financial institutions involved, providing attractive returns to all shareholders.

Solutions for large-scale and capital-intensive projects

Our team of financial, technical and legal experts provides tailor-made financial solutions. We offer the structuring of projects via innovative financing techniques, closely cooperating with international investment and commercial banks, development financial institutions and export credit agencies as well as private insurance markets.

Our structured financing includes but is not limited to:

  • Limited recourse project financing (on-balance)
  • Non-recourse project financing (off-balance)
  • Financial lease (on-balance)
  • Operational lease (off-balance)