EPC contracting

Ensuring the complete realization of industrial projects

Ferrostaal Topsoe Projects provides the customer with a complete EPC service package - 360 degree solutions for industrial projects. This includes possible EPC contracting, as well. For selected projects, we act as an EPC service provider ourselves. For large-scale projects, international consortia or similar means of cooperation are formed. In these cases, EPC services are coordinated by Ferrostaal Topsoe Projects while execution is provided through well established and reliable EPC partners.

All agreements with partners for the EPC execution, such as technology partners and EPC consortia members, are duly prepared and executable. Ferrostaal supervises all activities, relying on four key success factors:

  • Technological understanding for processes
  • Country know-how
  • Local partner networks
  • EPC experience

What we offer

  • Verification of the client's, stakeholder's as well as project's requirements
  • Preparation of general and specific terms and conditions for the procurement activities
  • Selection of the matching technology
  • Development of specific procedures for individual projects
  • Arrangement of tender documents
  • Expediting of bids
  • Recommendation of suppliers
  • Coordination of pre-award meeting
  • Negotiation of the terms and conditions for the project

Shipping, expediting and inspection

Ferrostaal Topsoe Projects is able to select and recommend reliable suppliers. This includes the supervision and control of the suppliers' performance (time, quality, costs) as well as the preparation of shipping and customs documents as per set requirements.

Our services in this segment assure fast and economical transportation as well as effective and reliable expediting and inspection.